Age: 56. Basic Bio: Sari is the author of a memoir in essays, And You May Find Yourself... Confessions of a Late-Blooming Gen-X Weirdo. She edited the…
Last week, after realizing that I hadn’t watched any movies or series in months, I canceled Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max. My evening entertainment has…
Heathers: The Musical... how very... inside David Bowie's magical mind... for the love of Queen Latifah + Viola Davis is a total badass...fight us!
And a happily-ever-after story about a Madonna song
In 1985, I was 16 years old and spent my weekend nights cruising the streets of Kansas City in my 1979 Fiat Strada. I realize now that a four-door…
Age: 51 Basic bio: Angel James is a former TV news producer who now runs a social media content creation business. She’s an empty-nesting…
Monday Open Emmys Thread - Join Our ChatThe Emmy Awards are happening tonight and the red carpet is NOW — we’re especially stoked to see those nominees listed and featured on our Weeke…
Gutsy women... Geppetto's backstory..and a reimagined American Gigolo featuring Jon Bernthal's abs... yes, please and thank you!
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