Personal essays, wisdom and ephemera

An excerpt from Kerika Fields' new novella
Equinox has long since reopened. Pandemic restrictions and fears have eased. Yet, this ragtag team of over-50 warriors is still going strong.
My mother was a voracious reader. She filled our house with stacks and stacks of books, overflowing in various corners, and all ripe for the taking…
Initially, neither my older brother or sister called me to schedule the week I was taking care of our mom. Why? Because I am the youngest.
I’m not sure how we will manage this going forward; right now it’s an everyone pitch-in kind of vibe. But I feel this pull back to my hometown, to care…
As I get older, I no longer see family and community as a place to shrink myself under the weight of what’s expected, but rather as a place to love and…
Now that I look back on this night, I realize he didn’t agree to my plan in order to save the Christmas tamales. He aimed to save my emotions.
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