Big News!

A personal note from Margit

***taps mic*** is this thing on?

Hello! We’re interrupting our regular newsletter schedule to bring you a few awesome updates. For the last several months, we’re been working our butts off to create two new things that are finally ready for prime time!

#1: Your New Circle of Grown-Ass Woman Pals

First, we have a brand new place for our community — TueNighters. We’re now on the Mighty platform and will be leaving our Facebook group 🎉 — meaning, you won’t be inundated with ads/algorithms, we have our own app, and the space lets us do so many cool things, including ways we can:

  • Truly get to know each other: Now we will be able to connect with each other by location, by category, and by random topics of interest, so it’s easy to start conversations.

  • Level-up in workshops. We’ve lined up experts to teach a wide variety of live and on-demand courses. So far we’ve got the art of storytelling, secrets to changing careers, how to organize your digital photos, how to write all the death documents, and how to get through menopause like a boss — with lots more in the pipeline.

  • Get the scoop during TueNighter Teas, our version of “fireside chats.” The first one is on May 18 with Stacy London, the former host of What Not to Wear. (BYO caftan.)

  • Join live chats, so we can connect in real time in a digital space.

  • Score discounts, deals, and freebies just for members.

  • Host a book club — finally!

  • Share all the memes, polls, and other fun stuff that speaks to Gen-X women.  


#2: A New

We have completely overhauled the TueNight website to make it as bright, bold and modern as the Gen-X women we know. Come on in and poke around! Search by Issue, if you remember a past theme you loved (Secret is still one of my all-time faves), or browse them all. Click through to see our roster of Contributors (including you, maybe?), and find all the stories written by your favorites. We’ve also made the categories more visible: “LOL” for laughs, “Reinvention” for starting-over stories, and “Nostalgia” for fun stories about people like Simon Le Bon. Whether it’s the ‘90s or the ‘70s that we’re flashing back to, it’s our shared history and part of what makes us, us.


Also, you might have noticed our sweet, new TueDo List logo above. 🙌

Please dig in, enjoy all the shiny new stuff, and let us know what you think!