The TueDo List: Candy Corn + Brain Farts + Gifts Under $100

And details about the next TueNight Live, now on 11/2!


📖 READ: Brené Brown’s empire of emotion. Glamour streaks: A professional colorist’s guide to transitioning to gray hair. Shonda Rhimes doesn’t care about your beauty standards. Women, repeat after me: “I think I look good.” I’m in my 20s and love watching shows about women in their 40s and 50s. John Hughes wanted to make a sequel to The Breakfast Club. What scientists are learning about estrogen and exercise. There’s hope for women losing hair

👀 LOOK: A French furniture brand is trying to make ‘70s decor cool again. Chicago's new African American heritage water trail. Bravo to whoever designed My ‘80s TV.

🤣 LOL: TueNighter Wendi Aarons’ fifty truths about 50. One reason we haven’t tried pole dancing at home. A taxonomy of migraines.

🎃 HALLOWEEN: How much candy you really need to buy. A Kit Kat costume for four people. And a 715-song playlist of tunes that will give you chills. 


OBSESSED: Candy Corn

How do you feel about candy corn? The TueNight Crew is divided! Here’s what happened when someone brought it up in Slack last week:

Jackie: Why is candy corn even a thing?! I think I still have some inside me from that time I ate some in 2nd grade….

Margaret: People have VERY strong opinions on candy corn. I think it's disgusting. 

Jackie: Clearly I’m on your side.

Margit: Hi. I LOVE CANDY CORN so much

Margaret: See? WEIRDO

Jackie: LOLZ

Margit: It is a particular, cloying yet delicious flavor that represents all of October in one orange-y triangle

Margaret: It's what I dug out of my ear last week

Margit: I always go overboard on those suckers and then I want to puke. I'll admit they are good, to a point. And then you pass this threshold where they are... something else. Have I said too much?

Liz: I just bought an entire bag of candy corn, for myself, because I am the only one in the house who’ll eat it, and I am not ashamed about it

Margaret: Have you always had that problem? Have you sought help? 

Liz: It goes even deeper, I just eat the tips. (That’s what she said.)

Margaret: OMG

Liz: Shutting down conversations since 2012… Want some? I got plenty :)


Jackie: Barf emoji

Margit: Can we talk about the design, too? It's like color blocking at its finest

Liz: Verdict: Candy Corn is pretty

Margit: We haven’t discussed the chocolate version. Also, when I was a kid I would stick them on my teeth to look like a vampire. No wonder I need another root canal...

Margaret: I saw an article about people putting them into bratwurst. As if the original isn’t gross enough.

Margit: I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

Margaret: Can I use this gif in the newsletter?

EVENT: TueNight Live — now 11/2

Hey folks — we may be soggy but we’re not done for! Due to today’s inclement weather (and NY State state of emergency) we’ve decided to move our TueNight Live event to next Tuesday, 11/2. We’ll still be at SaksWorks, you can expect an evening of food, drink, stories and surprises.

In-person tickets are sold out but you can join the waiting list and or sign-up for the livestream!

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STORY: I’m 50 and I Can’t Remember Jack Shit

By Nancy Davis Kho

“As scientific research continues to uncover hereditary aspects to memory loss, I try not to panic as I feel my own memory loss as a foreboding echo of my mother’s. I do what I can. I stay active. I read incessantly. I eat blueberries and kale until the most updated Superfood article puts me on to beets and sweet potatoes or green tea and cabbage. Last year, I started taking a hip-hop class, in part because I knew that the choreography would force long-dormant synapses last called into service during afterschool dance class in the ‘80s to start firing again. (But mainly for the Missy Elliott beats.)”

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GIFT LIST: 5 Things We Wouldn’t Mind Unwrapping

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? We’re here to help, with a few ideas each week. We’ll try to keep things under $100. (If you see something we should include, let us know in the comments!)

  1. Collective Wisdom: Lessons, Inspiration, and Advice from Women Over 50. From the founder of Design*Sponge, this collection features interviews, conversations, and intimate photographs of 100 trailblazing women.

  2. Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: The Story of Schitt's Creek. A love letter to the show and its fans, this book’s special features include illustrated catalogs of David's knits and Moira's wigs, Moira's vocabulary, behind-the-scenes moments, and more.

  3. Baggu scrunchies. We love the checkerboard pattern.

  4. MOMA’s trailblazers ornament set. Decorate your space with Ruby Bridges, RBG, Ida b. Wells, and Malala.

  5. A wooden hand with movable fingers so we can make it point, wave, or express our disdain for the patriarchy.

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Happy Halloween, TueNighters!