The TueDo List: Claw Clips + Mixtape Ornaments + Holiday Survival


📖 READ: ‘90s nostalgia brought back claw clips, but it could be worse (ahem: banana clips). One hundred things we’ve lost to the internet. This woman still drives the ‘57 Chevy she bought in ‘57. The new Botox tagline is “Still you,” but it could be “Still here.” The reluctant traveler’s guide to surviving the holidays. How an old photo helped me realize who I have become. Pee-wee Herman: Radio DJ.

👀 LOOK: The ultimate supercut of almost every guest star on The Love Boat. Somebody finally fixed the ending of The Giving Tree. A quiz that helps you identify your creative type

🎧 LISTEN: The story behind Blondie’s “Rapture.” Six companion podcasts for the Succession-obsessed. 


🤣 LOL: Birds with people arms. The worst holiday gifts people have received. Wait, but have you tried—? This tweet.


STORY: How I Came to Believe I Deserved More

By Abby West

"I am a grown-ass woman. And I was a grown-ass woman a few years back when I received a job offer that thrilled me to no end — but also made me challenge my whole concept of what I’m capable of.”

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