The TueDo List: Da Butt + Pose + Melissa Haizlip

And our favorite Gen-X TikTok (so far)


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👀 LOOK: Glen Close is a good sport (Sugar Bear approves). Jane Fonda flashed a bear to protect her grandson. Amazing side-by-side comparison of Freddie Mercury and Rami Malek's Live Aid performance. This guy recreated iconic movie dance scenes from Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, Footloose, and more. Every day was Saturday in Harlem

🤣 LOL: This shirt. Richard Simmons and David Hasselhoff Chia Pets. Krispy Kreme popcorn? Gen X at the club.


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STORY: A Move to Paris Brought an Unexpected Refuge

By Tara Philips

“There is something to being a Black American in Paris. James Baldwin knew it. Josephine Baker did too. Like them, I feel liberated from the weight of Blackness in America and its constant juxtaposition to the brand of white privilege and supremacy that stresses daily life. In Paris, I have found a refuge, not without its flaws, but still, markedly different in how it lets me exist in my own skin.”

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TUENIGHT 10: Melissa Haizlip

Melissa Haizlip is an award-winning filmmaker from New York. We have been mildly obsessed with her latest documentary, Mr. SOUL!, which is about “America’s first Black ‘Tonight Show’” and has won all kinds of awards.

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WORKSHOP: Learn to Tell a Story

Whether you’re sharing a story on stage, in a presentation, job interview or on a date, nothing will engage people like a well-crafted story. In our community, TueNighters, Robin Gelfenbien is teaching a 4-week class called The Art of Storytelling starting May 4. Robin’s a storytelling pro, podcast host, and three-time Moth winner who teaches storytelling workshops to individuals and companies. In this 4-week small, intimate class, you will:

  • Learn the 5 essential elements of every story

  • Discover how to mine your experiences for engaging stories

  • Generate a bank of story ideas

  • Structure and develop a 5-7 minute personal story

The Art of Storytelling is available to all members of the TueNighters community:

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