The TueDo List: Fantasy Island + Handheld Fans FTW

Plus a note from Margit


Hey GALS, Margit here. Happy slow-n-sweaty August (except that things are busy — and very air-conditioned — here at TueNight HQ). Today we’ve launched a brand-new/old-school Classifieds feature, inspired by one of our newsletter heroes, Ann Friedman, and hopefully something that will help you get the word out about your business/show/event/cool product and help to sustain this newsletter! We also are asking for your vote on two (two??) SXSW panels. Plus a story about a hot flash battle with the family thermostat, an obsession with the handheld fan, and more sultry goodness. Scroll along. xo Margit

📖 READ: Meet Kathy Hochul, New York’s first female governor. How five women in their 60s have maintained their friendships for 40 years. Advice for my daughter starting college. Marlee Matlin’s work doesn’t need an asterisk. ICYMI: Vulture’s interview with Simon Le Bon.

🤣 LOL: Letter from a Peloton bike with abandonment issues. Hello, society: I’m a woman and I want to warn you that I might have aged this past year.

🛒 ADD TO CART:  If you can finish the phrase, “It’s decorative gourd season, ____” you might want to pre-order this book.


  • Now: Reservation Dogs, “a half-hour comedy that follows the exploits of four Indigenous teenagers in rural Oklahoma” (FX on Hulu) and The L Word: Gen Q (Showtime). 

  • Tuesday: The rebooted Fantasy Island, with a female lead! (Fox)

  • Wednesday: MTV Cribs returns, but we’re not sure when they’re airing the Martha Stewart episode. (MTV)

  • Friday: Cardi B guests on Lizzo’s new song “Rumors” (it will probably be the #1 video on YouTube) and Jennifer Hudson stars as Aretha Franklin in RESPECT (theaters).

OBSESSED: Handheld Fan

By Kerika Fields Nalty

“I always thought handheld fans were, well, stupid. But now I’m obsessed. Maybe it’s because it’s been a hot-as-hell summer. Maybe it’s because of these persistent hot flashes. Or maybe it’s because the fans work. I made the discovery through my daughter. I saw her sitting there using hers and I told her: ‘You look ridiculous.’ And she did. The fan was barely bigger than her phone. There was no way it could be keeping her cool in any real way. But then she turned her fun-sized fan toward me.”

This Thing Blows

STORY: The Battle of the Thermostat: How I Negotiate Hot Flashes With My Family

By Letisha Merrero

“At night in my bedroom, the fan stays on high, regardless of whether it’s fresh air or conditioned air. My limbs spread out like a starfish, I lie naked, on top of the covers, and let the zephyr blow over me.”

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We’ve submitted two panels to next year’s SXSW event (South By Gen-X?) and we need your help to make them happen. Read more about each event, and vote for us!

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