The TueDo List: GALS Box + Justine Bateman + Happy Slippers

Plus some incredible 1980s hair salon photos


📖 READ: Justine Bateman wants us to stop worrying about our faces. Menopause as the last taboo. Our latest recap of The Real World: Homecoming. A Chinese “auntie” went on a solo road trip. Now she’s a feminist icon. The story of Oki-Dog, LA’s legendary punk hangout, and looking back at CBGBs and The Shirts. America ruined my name for me. Patti Smith started a newsletter. 

🛒 ADD TO CART: Jenny Lawson’s new book, Broken (in the Best Possible Way), these Schitt’s Creek candles, and one of each item from TueNigher Stacy London’s State of Menopause line, thx. 

👀 LOOK: Fabulous snapshots from a Florida hair salon in the 1980s. The photo book that lets lesbians see themselves. Sylvia Plath's food diary. Would you get a tattoo if it only lasted for a year?

🤣 LOL: Brood X or Gen X? The latest gem from Randy Rainbow. This meeting could have been an email. Where do you even find sheets for the world’s biggest mattress? “Low-rise jeans are cool again. And women are freaking the f*** out.”


OBSESSED: Happy House Shoes

By Margaret Crandall 

A couple months ago, my upstairs neighbors’ toilet decided to pick a fight with my ceiling. The repairs are still not complete, but thanks to these sleeping-bag slippers, at least I can protect my large, precious feet from the demolition and construction debris. Maybe Mister Rogers had the right idea all along.

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STORY: Roller Boogie: My Pandemic Security Blanket

By Michelle Arnold

“As I self-isolate in my apartment in the midst of a world filled with rampant disease, income inequality, corporate greed, racism, classism, and other divisiveness, I often return to lose myself in Roller Boogie — in a world where the sun is always shining, the coolest kid on the beach is from the wrong side of the tracks, everyone skates together in joy and love, the Bad Men In Suits are actually thwarted, and a cassette tape saves everything.”

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