The TueDo List: Good Bones + Cool Gifts + Easy Costumes

Plus a Gen-X money pro, Frances McD and Adele 😍


📖 READ: Why I still dig for vinyl in record stores. Anna Sui, cultural and style icon. Chloë Sevigny wants to declutter. “I’d been in therapy half my life before I ever saw a Black therapist.” Cyndi Lauper met the Beatles when she was 9. An excerpt from Huma Abedin’s memoir.

👀 LOOK: A 1978 backstage interview with the Ramones. Next year’s Maya Angelou quarter. Fun pop culture Halloween costumes. Platonic and romantic date night questions.

🎧 LISTEN: Amp up good vibes with this Cha Wa Tiny Desk Concert from NOLA. Throwback to college rock days with The War on Drugs. More previously unreleased Bowie. Adele, we swoon.

🤣 LOL: Which witch are you? That time Michelangelo hated his job.


STORY: Let’s Talk About Bone Health

By Liz Thompson

“There was my mom lying on a gurney, with one leg clearly much shorter than the other. Even after birthing four kids, I still became nauseous at the sight of blood and had to talk myself out of throwing up.”

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GIFTS: Yes, Already

We know, we know — it isn’t even Halloween yet. But our news feeds are already starting to fill up with fun gift ideas, so we’re going to start including a few of them here each week. We’ll try to keep things under $100. (If you see something we should include, let us know in the comments!)

This week: Four new things we wouldn’t mind unwrapping:

  • This Is Ear Hustle, a new book from the hosts of the award-winning Ear Hustle podcast.

  • Woman Made, a book that celebrates 200+ female product designers from 50+ countries because design is not, and has never been, a man’s world.

  • Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace, a new book about LA’s famous disco rollerskating venue, with contributions from Cher, Laura Dern, and other big names. Perfect for those who still love to rock on 8 wheels. 

  • Finally, what do you give the person who has everything, including expensive taste? Hermès nail polish.

TUENIGHT 10: Stephanie Vaught

Stephanie is a Gen-X financial coach and money management expert who helps women over 40 gain confidence in their financial decisions, and build a life they love. An attorney by trade, she no longer dresses the part because “My intellect and intelligence have nothing to do with my hem line.”

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Anyone else going as the Log Lady for Halloween, TueNighters? We won’t judge!