The TueDo List: Jumpsuits + Midlife Dating Hacks

And a hot flash horror story 🔥


📖 READ: I'm vaxxed, I'm socializing, things are better... so why do I feel shitty? Model, mogul, mother: Naomi Campbell is undisputed. Padma Lakshmi claps back at lazy, racist food criticism. The making of Impeachment: American Crime Story (which Monika Lewinsky co-produced). TikTok smells like Gen X spirit. Germany's last beer-brewing nun.

👀 LOOK: Helen Mirren won whatever was happening in Venice. “Sweet Dreams” played by an orchestra of electronic gadgets. ABBA is up to something.

🤣 LOL: Earth, Wind and Frasier. Fun with Photoshop.

🛒 ADD TO CART: Right this way if jumpsuits are your jam. Taschen’s ginormous new book on Frida Kahlo. Sally Rooney’s latest, Beautiful World, Where Are You.

❤️ DONATE: Verified fundraisers for Hurricane Ida relief. Help UNHCR help women and children in Afghanistan.


STORY: My Very First Hot Flash: Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls. They’ll Find You.

By Stacy London

“That’s when it started in my stomach, this almost burning sensation that gradually moved to my chest, up my neck and face and scalp. I’m on fire, I thought. Who here would set me on fire?

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WORKSHOP: How to Hack Dating in Midlife

Whether you’re getting out there for the first time in a long time or dating is old hat, there is a lot to learn about the zany world of online dating. In this interactive class series facilitated by dating expert Erika Ettin, we will examine what you are putting out there including:

  • How to present your best self online and in person

  • How to turn an online interaction into an in-person date 

  • How to manage and what to expect on the date itself

  • And so much more!


TueNight 10: Gina Guaiumi

Gina is a San Francisco-based personal trainer and fitness instructor who works with women of all ages to help them build their strength, balance, and endurance. (She has been kicking TueNighter Margaret Crandall’s a** once or twice a week for more than 10 years.)

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