The TueDo List: Kusama Cool + Accidental Fetish + Alison Cornyn

And some old gadgets that confuse the Youngs


📖 READ: The real moms of TikTok: “At 50, you’re just getting started.” (Hey, that’s our tag line!) Sara Benincasa’s ode to New Jersey. How women roommates weathered the pandemic. The women’s shed welcomes you. Catherine Zeta-Jones hoards vintage clothes. This story about financial domination is not what we were expecting. How DMX helped one woman forgive her father. Emily Raboteau on what it means to share urban space, excerpted from Goodbye to All That. And our recap of the final episode of The Real World: Homecoming.

🎧 LISTEN: Tressie McMillan Cottom in conversation with Ezra Klein. An unreleased Prince album is coming this summer. Here’s the title track, “Welcome 2 America.”

👀 LOOK: The Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden.

🤣 LOL: I’m selling the very sentence you’re reading as a non-fungible token. Pranking Mister Rogers. A rug to prank your friends. Gen Z doesn’t know what these things are. 


STORY: I May Have Starred in a Fetish Video

By Heather Graham

“We convinced ourselves that no one we knew or would come to know would see our (bizarrely) sexy star turn. Honestly, posing naked for our friend Tommy B.’s final art project was far riskier. And we did that for free.”

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TueNight 10: Alison Cornyn

Alison Cornyn is a Brooklyn-based artist, teacher, social justice activist, and mother of two teenage daughters. She runs Picture Projects studio and advocates for the rights of self-identifying women and girls in and out of the criminal justice system.

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