The TueDo List: Madame Madge + End-of-Life Workshop


📖 READ: Julianna Margulies doesn’t think anyone recognizes her when she’s shopping for groceries. Black Gen-X women aren’t done yet. Helen Mirren on gray hair, 12-minute workouts and the secret to a life well-lived. TV and movies are finally celebrating older women. How I knew I needed to quit Instagram. The confidence-boosting power of boudoir photography.

👀 LOOK: Photos from the Women’s March. The most popular movie the year you were born.

🎧 LISTEN: New (unreleased) Bowie.

🛒 ADD TO CART: Dave Grohl’s memoir comes out this week.

LOL: Hey, you know what this dress needs? Chunks of it missing! Overqualified woman pretends to be overconfident man on job application. The “aging body” version of GUESS WHO?. What to expect when you’re expecting to be a Gen-X girl


COURSE: End-of-Life Planning

Still don’t have a will? Not sure where to start? End-of-life doula Liz Lightner is leading a practical and tactical 4-week course for TueNighters, in which you’ll learn how to decide, discuss, document, and digitize all aspects of end-of-life — for yourself or the ones you love. The course starts tomorrow, October 6. Join us!

STORY: Passing — and not Passing — as a Latina

By Carla Zanoni

“To me, being ‘Spanish’ felt like both an asset and a burden. On one side of the house where I eventually spent my childhood, my best friend’s grandparents were thrilled when we moved in. We were an exotic reprieve from the dull Americans on the block. On the other side of our house, a childhood friendship ended.”

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TUENIGHT 10: Rachel Hughes

Rachel is a nutrition coach and midlife wellness expert. She’s on a mission to encourage women everywhere to make their second half better than their first! “I love being over 50!” she says. “I truly expect some of the very best is yet to come!”

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