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📖 READ:  I Just Turned 60, but I Still Feel 22. True crime? Or automated checkout We feel seen. The Making of Mariska. Death + Psychedelics. Great interview with Sandra Cisneros: “Writing a novel is voluntarily going to prison.”

👀 LOOK: It’s Native American Heritage Month. Pay tribute. We want Cindy Gallop’s lipstick. Jocelyn Lee’s Older Women in the Nude. We made a Gen-X Instagram filter, and we’re really geeked about it: Check it out on mobile.

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NEW ISSUE: Let’s Talk Gen-X Equity

Hey y’all, our fall issue is all about the simple idea of:  Women. Getting. Paid.

That may as well have been a Gen-X mantra, we who stormed the boardrooms and smashed the glass ceilings and launched our own businesses in record numbers. But the storm isn’t over yet; as we find ourselves in midlife there are new obstacles to overcome. AARP and #DisruptAging just released a study showing how hard things are for some of us: 21% of female workers between 40 and 55 are underemployed, due to COVID, caregiving responsibilities or the impacts of gendered ageism. A woman’s work is never done, and her pay is always less than — doubly so for women of color. So we went out to find the stories behind the stats, and we’ll be sharing them all month here on TueNight, in our TueNighters community and across all of our social spaces, thanks to AARP and #DisruptAging.

Join us and tell your story, too, using the hashtags #GenXEquity and #DisruptAging!

Our stories:

We’re worthy y’all.


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TUENIGHT 10: Shelly Rabuse

Shelly’s an OG TueNighter and known for sporting a good B-52s wig. The 55-year-old Philly mom digs roller derby + makes her own line of jewelry. We’re here for it and we know you are, too.

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