The TueDo List: Our New Gray + Yoga Disasters + Talking Race

And asking Boy George for directions


📖 READ: On pause and why menopause symptoms are getting more attention. Martina Navratilova: animal lover. The joys of finding yourself after 40. Sinéad O’Connor is retiring.

👀 LOOK: ‘Scuse us, but there is nothing “unexpected” about the beauty of COVID hair. For sale: Kate Pierson's kitschy motel. The illustrated history of Depeche Mode

🎧 LISTEN: Ibram X. Kendi’s new antiracist podcast. Car-ma Chameleon: Hit the road with Boy George.

🤣 LOL: Sarah Miller hates computers, and vice-versa. Menopause-approved board games. The best (worst) 1970s men’s hairstyles. Coming in 2040: No Future, the first punk rock nursing home

 🌈 PRIDE: NPR’s guide to understanding gender identity and pronouns. Watch The Lesbian Bar Project. Enough with the rainbow-washing.


  • Wednesday: Awake, a post-apocalyptic nightmare where humans can't sleep. (Netflix)

  • Thursday: In the Heights. (Theaters and HBO Max)

  • Friday: Season Two of Betty, about female skateboarders in NYC (HBO) and Fleabag (the play) on Amazon Prime.

  • Sunday: Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong return as Tuca & Bertie. (Adult Swim)

TONIGHT: Let’s Talk About Race

Tonight at 7pm Eastern: Margit will be in conversation with Uju Asika, the author of Bringing Up Race: How to Raise a Kind Child in a Prejudiced World.

We'll talk about how we can give families — of any ethnicity — the context and conversation starters they need to begin having informed and positive discussions about race at home.

This free one-hour event is open to the public.

Register Here

STORY: My First Yoga Class Was a Total Disaster

By Margaret Crandall

“At first, as I sat there cross-legged, listening to the instructor tell us to breathe and chant, I wondered when the exercise part of the program was going to start. When she finally announced poses for people to do, I didn’t know what the words meant, so I had to look at the people around me for direction. That’s when I realized I was the only one still wearing socks and shoes.”

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