The TueDo List: Sex Ed + Our Bad Dates + Steamy Novels 📚

And a great story about a REALLY bad date


📖 READ: An excerpt from You Got Anything Stronger?, Gabrielle Union’s new book. The story of iconic feminist Dorothy Pitman Hughes. Ten ways to stop negative self-talk about your body. A burn-it-all-down manifesto about going grey

👀 LOOK: A strange but fun tribute to Bowie. Make your own crossword puzzle. Go see art IRL this Saturday — it’s free-admission Museum Day all over the country. 

🎧 LISTEN: Aack Cast, a podcast about Cathy (the comic strip). You can finally stream Aaliyah's self-titled album.

🤣 LOL: Quiz: Your mom’s advice about dating or constipation? Limericks about underpants. The ultimate Met Gala summary

🛒 ADD TO CART: Bid on signed copies of your favorite books in the Authors for Voices of Color auction. A tote for the moment.


STORY: He Got a Little Too Familiar on Their Blind Date. She Lost It.

By Toya R. Smith

“I didn’t want to be the kind of girl who turned her nose up at a guy just because he had gold teeth and drank moonshine and never ate vegetables and thought a court order served as a valid form of identification.”

Worst Date Ever >>


Wednesday, 9/15How to Hack Dating in Mid-Life. This 4-week course with a dating coach will help you level up your online dating skills — and get that date! Don’t worry if you missed the first session last week; we have a recording for ya in TueNighters.

Tuesday, 9/21 — TueNighter Tea: Dating Story Swap. The good, the bad & the VERY ugly! Come chat and swap dating stories with TueNight founder, Margit Detweiler and author Jodi Klein about first dates and the adventures of midlife dating. 

Wednesday, 10/6The 4 “D’s” of End-Of-Life Planning. Have you been avoiding one of the most difficult topics in our lives... death? Don't miss this 4-week, super practical course where you'll learn the 4D's of end of life planning - Decide, Discuss, Document & Digitize with End of Life Doula, Liz Lightinger. TueNighters can sign-up now!

OBSESSED: Romance Novels

By Liz Thompson

“My romance novel addiction started in high school with Harlequin paperbacks, but got a major upgrade in 2007, when my oldest daughter insisted a vampire love story would be a great fit for her 7th grade summer reading list. I read the book first, to make sure that it was really, you know, appropriate for teen readers and… WHAM… it was love at first bite.”

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