The TueDo List: Sinead Speaks + Monarch Beauty + Stacy London

Are you coming to the TueNighter Tea?


📖 READ: An ode to Anne Tyler, Baltimore, and the spirit of the oddball. Nikki Giovanni’s The Coal Cellar. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Notes on Grief. A look back at Missy Elliott’s Miss E ... So Addictive, 20 years later. Yvette Lee Bowser is the genius behind our TV best friends. Sinead O’Connor remembers things differently.

👀 LOOK: Someone is scanning and posting every page of their vintage Seventeen magazine collection. Cicada-print face masks. The Urban Decay x Prince makeup collection.

🤣 LOL: Geriatric Millennials is our new band name. But we love the spirit of these Badass Boomers. “Love your face, can’t feel mine” — TikTok Gen-X “suburban housewife” @tinamadlibs is hilarious. We can’t ask your age in this job interview, but please take this quiz about rotary phones.


TONIGHT: Join Us for a Spot of Tea

Join us today at 5:30 (Eastern) when TueNight Founder Margit Detweiler will talk to Stacy London (What Not to Wear, The Today Show) about her BIG new career change to CEO of State Of, the power of a hot flash and more. This is a free event, and open to anyone.

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STORY: Watching the Mother Ship Sail: The Regret (and Relief) of Not Becoming a Parent

By Pamela Newton

“Although it seems obvious, it’s only recently dawned on me that this is the one major life choice with an expiration date. You can continue to change your mind about your career, your friends, your partner, your education, where you live until the day you die. But as a woman, you have only a brief window to have children and then that option is gone…”

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OBSESSED: Monarchs are My Thing — Here’s Why They Need Our Help

By Meredith Volk

“As a child, I saw (or dreamed about) a bush outside my window full of Monarch butterflies. The image — and my obsession with these butterflies — has stuck with me ever since. In 2003, I spent eight months in Mexico, where I saw millions of them during mating season.”

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