The TueDo List: Succession Obsession + Handbag Hell + Drastic Haircuts

Plus week 2 of our death docs course (now discounted!) and some witchy menopause


📖 READ: Gen-X women will not be aging quietly. Nikki Giovanni on rest, love, and care. Why I took a hard pass on my high school reunion. “I had the most dishonest dark hair imaginable. So at 65 I shaved it all off.”  ICYMI: How white feminism threw its Black counterpart under the bus.

👀 LOOK: Asya Kozina’s wigs. Diane Keaton stars in Justin Bieber’s new music video (in her own clothes). FYI in case you need an emergency compliment

🎧 LISTEN: The Just Enough Family, a podcast about the rise and fall of one of America’s richest families, through the eyes of Liz Lange. A podcast for Succession fans. New music from Tears for Fears and Soft Cell

🤣 LOL: Everything Celeste Barber does, but especially this. Perimenopause party cocktails. Pet photos that look like album covers. Bohemian Catsody

🛒 ADD TO CART: Minimalist clogs for fall. Bourbon made by women. Billy Porter’s new memoir. And all the books about older women behaving badly.


OBSESSED: The Perfect Handbag Exists Only in My Imagination

By Margaret Crandall

“All I want is a lightweight, simple, minimalist, non-leather, crossbody bag that 1) has room enough for my wallet, two glasses cases, phone, keys, and a few other small items, 2) has no visible branding because last time I checked Miss Burch and her friends weren’t paying us for advertising, and 3) doesn’t cost a small fortune.”

Help Me Please

COURSE: End-of-Life Planning Workshop


Hey peeps, Margit here. We really want you to attend this course — the first edition from doula extraordinaire Liz Lightner was so valuable and chock full of tips and good discussion (I have my QR code directives started!) We had a great crowd, but we really want you ALL to benefit. If you sign up today you can catch up on the first class or just start with the 2nd. So many of you have told me this is a pain point for you — how to get those death documents in order, for you or your parents or loved ones. This class was $125 — so this is a big, big savings. And Liz typically does one-on-one work so this is a great opportunity.

End-of-life doula Liz Lightner leads this 4-week course in which you’ll learn how to decide, discuss, document, and digitize all aspects of end-of-life. We’ve got three more sessions, and we’d love to have you there!

SPONSORED: How Turning on My Inner Hippie Witch Helped Me Through Menopause

By Jeanne Chung

Up until a few years ago, I hadn’t really thought about my vulva. In fact, I’d probably only seen it in an anatomical drawing decades ago, when I was in high school or college. When I thought about the area, I used the word “labia” and that was that.

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