The TueDo List: Surprising Intimacies

Our September Issue! ➕ Dating Workshop, Keanu montage & Monica, we love you.


📖 READ: We all owe Monica Lewinsky an apology. Sotomayor’s dissent. On radical acceptance (mindfulness and compassion) as the key to coping. Stop wondering if you’re “too old." How to grieve for a very good dog (you will need tissues). We want to be Zandra Rhodes when we grow up.

👀 LOOK: A preview of the Janet Jackson documentary. For those senior citizens about to rock, we salute you. Club kids in the 1980s. Stunning photos of Michael K. Williams from just three weeks ago.

🎧 LISTEN: Elvis Costello’s This Year’s Model, re-recorded and entirely in Spanish. New music from the Psychedelic Furs. On its 20th anniversary, a new Band of Brothers podcast.

🤣 LOL: Keanu walking into a room. 1950s dating advice. “When I was your age…” This tired middle finger mask is all of us.

❤️ DONATE: Chip in for Texas abortion funds.

🛒 ADD TO CART: Michaela Coel’s new book, Misfits: A Personal Manifesto. Vintage, restored bags for anyone else who thinks Coach peaked in the ‘80s. Tyra Banks and Lionel Ritchie made us ice cream. The Strategist rounds up the best fall pants.

🗓 ADD TO CALENDAR: October 2 is the next Women’s March.


NEW ISSUE: Surprising Intimacies

I met my new physical therapist this afternoon. We were masked up and didn’t shake hands, but just nodded (with an awkward hint of a bow?) by way of introduction. Minutes later this burly fellow was arranging my legs, pressing on my hips, clam-shelling my knees, and putting me in all manner of awkward, strength-testing poses to assess my abilities. It was… a bit of an intimacy disconnect.

This month our stories are all about what we are calling “surprising intimacies” — moments, people, rituals that are a little accidental, seemingly of little consequence, but help us spot-check our own humanity. Our stories include:

Dive in! (Just make sure you wash your hands first and mask up. Thanks.)


WORKSHOP: How to Hack Dating in Midlife

STARTS TOMORROW! This is one of our premier, exclusive events this year. Whether you’re getting out there for the first time in a long time, or dating is old hat, this class will give you the tools you need to succeed in online dating. In this interactive class series facilitated by dating expert Erika Ettin, we will examine what you are putting out there in the dating world including:

  • How to present your best self online and in-person

  • How to turn an online interaction into an in-person date 

  • How to manage and what to expect on the date itself

  • And so much more!

TueNighters can register here

Non-members can register here.

TUENIGHT 10: Erika Ettin

Here’s a little more about our dating coach, Erika Ettin (see her workshop above!) Erika is an official online dating pro — she’s written a book about online dating, co-hosts a podcast about it, and starting tomorrow, she’s going to give TueNighters who want to get back out there “a little nudge” in the right direction…

Read Her TueNight 10

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