The TueDo List: The Last Time I Felt Sexy...

Plus menopause LOLs, a good slay, and tonight's Tea


📖 READ: We’re changing our out-of-office message to “lying flat.” A great interview with Nicole Perkins, author of Sometimes I Trip On How Happy We Could Be. A Stevie Nicks’ anthem that stuns each new generation. 50 women who are making the world a better place in 2021. There’s no time for small talk in middle age. And don’t you dare call us “ma’am.”

👀 LOOK: How many of these toys do you remember playing with as kids? We love you, Debbie Harry, but we’re not buying those clothes. 

🎧 LISTEN: Jill Scott’s five most meaningful songs. Wanda Jackson’s farewell album, produced by Joan Jett. Let Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page tell you a bedtime story

🤣 LOL: The first annual national women’s menopause conference. BRB, framing this tweet

🛒 ADD TO CART: The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois by Honorée Fanonne Jeffers. (Here’s an excerpt.)

✅ VOTE: Only two days left to vote for our SXSW panels, How to (finally) move your community off Facebook, and How Gen-X women will save the world.

STORY: The Sexiest I Ever Felt Was...

By Laurie White

I asked some of the coolest women I know to tell me about the hottest and sexiest they’d ever felt — alone, partnered, at home, or away. Their answers were both surprising and inspiring.

Let's Get Sexy

TEA: Self Care with an Astrologer

Tonight at 8pm Eastern: TueNight founder, Margit Detweiler, chats with Karrie Myers Taylor about ancestral healing and self-care using astrology. Karrie will also talk about what's in store for each zodiac sign and the best approach to self-care!

This event is free to join, but you will need to register first.

Save My Spot

OBSESSED: A Podcast That Keeps Me Sane on Long Drives

By Margaret Crandall

Over the last nine months, I have spent countless hours in my car, driving 100 miles to check on my grandmother — who had a stroke in December — and back again a few days later. At first it was every week. Now it’s every other week. The drive used to suck. Until one of her caretakers told me about this device, which magically beams the stuff on my phone onto my car’s 2013 stereo. Now I almost look forward to the drive, because it’s when I catch up on the 90+ episodes of Hear to Slay, the Black feminist podcast hosted by Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillan Cottom.

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