The TueDo List: Vintage Cassettes + Tighty Whities + Bitchin' Bookstores

Plus, "Tea" with an astrologer ✨


📖 READ: An interview with TLC, who are “in this thang until the wheels fall off.” A brief history of JNCO jeans, not that we ever wore them. Yes, you can wear that (and wow re: that photo). I was powerless over Diet Coke. Daryl Hall on the best and worst of Hall & Oates. A great piece on nail art and Black culture.

👀 LOOK: The beauty and weirdness of vintage cassette tapes. Someone turned an old grocery store into a library — “audiobooks now sit where deli meats used to be.”

🎧 LISTEN: Lucille Ball recorded interviews with her famous friends, and now those tapes are being released as a podcast. New music from Billy Idol

🤣 LOL: How to say you’re over 50 without saying you’re over 50. I made Paris Hilton’s unicornoli, and they sucked a**.

🛒 ADD TO CART: The Smithsonian’s anthology of hip-hop and rap comes out this week. Iris Apfel reading glasses

❤️ DONATE: How to help relief efforts in Haiti. Support women journalists in Afghanistan.


STORY: I Couldn’t Stand His Hot Yoga Tighty Whities, So I Quit

By Jamiyla Chisholm

“We were all reaching, reaching, reaching, damn near attempting to fly. And then there was a simultaneous turn and bending — a unified swan dive that brought booties in the air and lifted heads... I was staring at Tighty Whitey’s not-so-tight, but very loose, wet butt. The middle of his undies sagged with his sweat, threatening to let his privates loose.”

It Gets Worse

TueNight 10: Amy Hall

Amy Hall is many things: A cyclist, a kayaker, a bassoonist, and an Eileen Fisher executive who advocates for ethical supply chains. And this fall she’s opening Hudson Valley Books for Humanity, a bookstore that will put the voices of women, people of color, and other marginalized communities front and center.

Read Her TueNight 10


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