The TueDo List: Worst Dates Ever + Lipstick Love 💄

Happy Earth, Wind & Fire day!


⚡️ TONIGHT (8pm, EST): Let’s share bad date stories (and good dates, too, but those aren’t as fun) tonight at this free event. Swipe right and join us.

📖 READ: Remember lipstick? A beautiful, bittersweet essay empty nesters will appreciate. Jean Smart “never takes her foot off the gas.” ICYMI: Jane Brody on how to age gracefully. Time to come up with some new names for our lady parts.

👀 LOOK: The trailer for the next season of Succession. Onscreen icons who will inspire you to go gray. An auction of stuff for hardcore Joy Division and New Order fans. 

🎧 LISTEN: Every single episode of Spotify’s Bandsplain podcast (we’re starting with Jawbreaker and the Replacements).

🤣 LOL: 45-year-old woman slashes laptop after Spotify suggests adult contemporary playlist. Divorce Bingo.

💃 DANCE: Ba-dee ya: Happy Earth, Wind & Fire day


STORY: Life Is a Matinee, Old Chum: Going to the Movies Solo

By Wendi Aarons

“I saw the movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood in the dine-in theater alone, with a row of ten seniors behind me. Everything was fine until the server gave them Styrofoam containers for their leftover food. All I remember of that movie now is Tom Hanks saying, “Sometimes (SQUEAK), we have (SQUEAK) to ask for (SQUEAK) help. And (SQUEAK) that’s okay” while they packed away their lunches. It was like Mr. Rogers had swallowed twenty angry mice.”

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