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I'm a huge fan of 1Password, especially their shared vaults and mobile app.

Basically, you can save all your passwords into a "vault" (think folder) and, using their browser extension, be able to automatically fill in passwords to websites you visit. If you don't have a password stored yet, it will ask you if you want to add it when you sign it.

The mobile app gives you access to your vault on your phone. Sounds simple, but it was a huge game changer for me to be able to grab my password when I log into FB or Insta on my phone without having to remember it.

The remembering part is key - I'm able to use much more secure passwords now that I don't have to actually remember what they are. 1Password has options to automatically generate new passwords for you, too. So any time I change my password, it's saved and I don't have to remember what the new one is, either.

I mentioned shared vaults earlier just as a tip in case you have some passwords you need to share with folks, whether work people or a family member. I have a nonprofit I work with and several of us need access to our Zoom account, Google Calendar, etc... In 1Password, we have a vault for the nonprofit and are able to share vault access - so I have my personal vault with all my bank passwords and such, plus I have access to the nonprofit's vault. When I go to sign into Zoom, 1Password gives me the option to choose which login I want to use (my own or the nonprofit). If we have a board member who leaves, we can easily remove their access to the vault instead of trying to remember which passwords were shared with them. We also use that as a reminder to change out passwords. When we change a password, we don't have to let anyone on the team know because the 1Password vault is automatically updated. Basically, everyone is always using the current password, even if it has recently been changed.

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Oh this is what I rant and rave about to people. Get a password manager! It's life changing. It's on my phone and my laptop and it cross-updates to both when I make any additions or changes. 1Password is great, Dashlane is great. Just sign up and it walks you through it. You just have one password to remember - your main one.You can also choose to securely share passwords with others (like your partner, an accountant or co-worker if need be) which is great.

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Ohhh, these are such great recos Margit and Jen - ty!!

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Plus one to Jen's post. I've been using 1Password for probably 8 years and have -- I just looked -- 900 items in there; logins, secure notes, membership IDs, passport information, modem/router logins, car VINs, home and auto insurance numbers, etc. I access all of these via one master password.

Another great feature of 1Password is Watchtower; 1PW notes if there have been significant data breaches (Target, Adobe, etc) and notifies you if any of your accounts might be vulnerable, and prompts you to change PWs.

Not to be morbid, but I also have a tagging system in 1PW called ICE so that my son and sister know how to login to key accounts, and what to preserve/what to shut down if I'm no longer around. After going through trying to untangle digital account access with another relative upon their death, I spent a few hours tagging essential accounts and embedding typed out instructions.

If the "getting started" seems daunting, @margit maybe we could do a TueNight tutorial on this.

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