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CONFESSION: I started using mousse in the 80s. And I. Never. Stopped. It's still the best tamer of my weird, wavy mane. I am mousse but I am free.

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Wide leg, high-waisted jeans are BACK and my weird (floppy from pregnancy/weight loss/peri-menopause, thick thighs, and short torso) body is having a moment. The one thing I’ll always remember from What Not to Wear, a show I now think was mostly bullshit, is that your pants are most flattering if they fit at the widest part of your waist/hips and then fall straight down. See also: most comfy. I’m anywhere from a size 12 to 16 and have found some delightful, able to finally sit cross-leggable, options from Banana Republic, Lane Bryant (gasp...I know) and TARGET (#mothership)

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