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As of the close of 2023, we've hit pause on content publication via Substack, and subscriptions are currently on hold. While we navigate this hiatus and brainstorm our next steps, we can't express enough how much your ongoing support and patience mean to us. Your incredible sense of sisterhood and community is the heartbeat of TueNight, and for that, we are profoundly grateful.

In the meantime, we invite you to read Margit’s latest post, where she candidly shares the journey that led us to this point — stay tuned for updates, and a huge thank you for being an essential part of this remarkable journey through midlife.

With gratitude, The TueNight Team

Your Gen-X sisters are here🤘

Put on the comfy pants and settle into TueNight, a grab-bag of Gen-X goodies, midlife stories, pop culture, and community. Here, you’ll find thought-provoking essays, stuff we’re obsessed with, our “Gen-X Approved” recommendations, and a place to share the hilarious, messy, always real stories of our grown-ass lives.

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A little backstory…

Hi! Margit here, founder of TueNight. We started our storytelling website, in 2013 along with our weekly newsletter the TueDo List; the goal was to find better ways to showcase the diversity and truth of Gen-X women. Midlife certainly doesn’t look like one thing. I wanted to share those stories that no one else was talking about, to change the way the world sees (and values) women over 40, and to change the way we see ourselves, affirming all that’s awesome about our badass, experienced lives. We moved our newsletter to Substack in 2019 (early adopters!) and decided to add paid subscriptions in April 2022 to help us sustain the work we do. For those of you coming from our Facebook group or our Mighty Networks community, welcome, we think you’ll love it here.

Why are you called TueNight?

Tuesday Night is sort of this unclaimed time — it’s not the start of the week, hump day, or the weekend. It’s a time when you might kick back with a glass of wine or a cup of tea and reflect. A little bit unseen. Also, TueNight is pronounced like tonight — it’s all about right now. We’re living our lives right now, for ourselves, in whatever way we see fit. I've always struggled with the term "midlife"; as women in our 40s and 50s, we’re not halfway to somewhere. We are already here.

When do you host events?

If you know TueNight, you know we love our events — IRL and virtual — from our seasonal TueNight Live storytelling series to our monthly TueNighter Teas and monthly AMAs with experts & authors. As a member of TueNight you’ll be the first to know about all of our events and get a significant discount!

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We encourage community interaction, however, we understand inboxes can get crowded and you may only want to receive certain types of content from us.

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How to reach us

Message us at with your questions, writing submissions, and partnership or sponsorship inquiries.

Story to pitch?

TueNight shares original, first-person stories throughout the month. We pay $50 for essays (and we might just ask you to read at a live event!), $25 for smaller features like Obsessed. We do not pay for TueNight 10 Q&As. We’re interested in all relevant topics far and wide of interest to Gen-X women including, but not limited to, love, sex, health, career, family, entertainment, travel, and food. More details can be found here.

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At TueNight we are proudly independent but occasionally rely on the support of meaningful advertisers and sponsors. We partner with brands who align with our values and appreciate our vibrant, experienced community of Gen-X women. More here.

In the News

About Margit

That's me and my Mac SE Classic when I was a cub reporter/ journalist in the 90s

Hello! I’m Margit, the founder of TueNight, nice to meet you. A little bit about me: I grew up in Philadelphia and have been fashioning little publications since I was 12. I got my professional start at the Philadelphia City Paper, an alt-weekly where I was a rock critic/ music editor and managing editor. I can say I interviewed Liz Phair and Tom Waits and those were both moments where I said, “I can die now!” but somehow I am still here.  In the early 2000s I moved on to the interwebs as an editorial director at AOL, Everyday Health and Real Simple and these days I run my own content agency, Gyrate Media where I help brands and publishers tell important stories. I’ve written for Rolling Stone, Bustle, Redbook, and a bunch of other now defunct magazines (because, magazines.)

Still life with computer, 2020

I'm married, no kids, one very loud beagle named Bo and live in Brooklyn. I'm a rabid music fan (I find peace in making Spotify playlists), supporter of opportunities that empower young women (Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls and Girls Write Now are two faves) and I am a cancer survivor. I celebrated 5 years cancer-free in May 2021 and wrote about my experience on TueNight in Ovarian Rhapsody. I lost my hair during chemo, and when it grew back it was this bush of white. So I kept it. 

Like most Gen-Xers, I’m a little more side-eye than selfie. But I think that's one of our strengths — we have a critical take, and we always ask questions.

My dream for this space is that we can be honest, genuine and thoughtful with each other — and ourselves. This is a space to laugh, learn and grow and I'm honored you've joined the party!

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